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.:: About Us ::.


We are swayamsevaks who have been inspired by Sangh Parivar and our endeavor is to enlighten the Hindus in our small possible way.

We are a Global community of dedicated telugu speaking Hindus with a Socio-cultural mission. We have come together to protect and preserve our timeless Hindu heritage and to work to retain its glory and pre-eminence in the culture and society of 10 crore Telugu speaking population around the globe.

Vijayavipanchi,started in April 2011,is an effort in this direction.Our effort has been to share Telugu Sangh Songs on-line that have inspired us all through our Sangh journey and would throw light on our future steps.We have also undertaken the task of increasing useful web content by adding Padyalu, Shlokalu , Bhajanlu and Ghosh.

Please do provide your valuable inputs on the website or on the web content and every suggestion would be promptly acted upon.

Please do help in developing the website by contributing to the web content, lyric-editing & correction for Songs,Bhajans,Padyams & Ghosh.Also do let us know in what aspects we could improve the website and better ourselves in taking our mission forward.

Vande Mataram.