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Jai bhavani jai sivarai

జై భవానీ జై శివరాయ్ || 2 || తూ రక్షియలే దేశాలా న్యాయ నీతి ఆదర్శాల...

Jaya mahaveera

Will be added soon...

Veerudu Nagadheerudu. శివాజీసేన కదనభేరి

వీరుడు నగధీరుడు ఛత్రపతి శూరుడు సమరాంగణమే గెల్వగ సంకల్పించిన ఘనుడు ...
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The Hindu was known for his unflinching devotion to truth and sterling character. But these days even our big leaders have become notorious for their corruption and moral decay. It is up to our mothers to save our younger generation from such corrosive influences. They should so cultivate the atmosphere in home as would make one gladly prefer to forego a meal, rather than accept immoral gratification. The family as a whole should pledge themselves not to partake of the sinful food procured by corruption. If our mothers were to inculcate such wholesome and heroic traits in their children, surely the coming generation would be able to successfully meet the various challenges being faced by our country.

- Sri Guruji Golwalkar

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Bratuku SukhamayyEnura

బ్రతుకు సుఖమయ్యేనురా ఈ భూమి బిడ్డలం హిందువులమందరం కష్ట సుఖములలోన కలసి మెలసుంటుంటే బ్రతుకు సుఖమయ్యే ...

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