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Amoorta Moorta

Author/Source: Vijaya Vipanchi

Genre: Utsava Geetalu

Size: 4.63 MB

Hits: 9528

Downloads: 01257

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Venkat commented at Apr 06 2012 01:23:25
Namaste, im venkat dornadula from poorvandhra pranth nellore vibhag but i like soooo much sangh songs but it was not open to playlist in mobile phone nokia e63, so plz help to hearing songs to playlist. Tanq

Anonymous commented at Apr 24 2012 09:37:03
ఈ నెల పాటగా శాఖలో అబ్యాసన చేసినాము
తాత్పర్యం కూడా తెలుసుకోవాలని వున్నది
సురేష్ విశాఖ మహానగర్ ఆంద్ర

THARUNTEJA. Narankhed khanda pracharak. Medak vibhag commented at Jul 02 2015 03:05:14
vijaya vipanchi nundi assalu etuvanti songs kuda download kavatam ledu

problem emaina unte chepthara

samsung chat on

srinusulu commented at May 15 2016 02:18:37

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