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Rakshele Kattukundamu

రక్షలే కట్టుకుందాం - ఈ రోజు దీక్ష గైకొని సాగుదాం దీక్ష గైకొని సాగ...

Rakshabhandana Sutramide

రక్షాబంధన సూత్రమిదే - హిందూ జీవన మంత్రమిదే ఈ జగమంతా ఈశ్వర నిలయం - ...


దీక్షాధారణ శుభోత్సవం - ఇదే రక్షాబంధన మహోత్సవం తరతరాలుగా భారతావనిలో...

Krishna Govinda

will be available soon...
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Our mothers have a special responsibility of rearing up the budding generations of our society. Now, what does “rearing up” really imply? Is feeding and clothing the children and sending them to schools, the only thing to be done? On the contrary, the essential aspect is to inculcate in them the right type of samskars such as devotion to duty, spirit of personal endeavour, love of the motherland and readiness for service to society. Our mothers have to attend to this aspect of character formation as their first duty. And for this purpose, they have to be mindful of the many little things, which go to fashion the young minds.

- Sri Guruji Golwalkar

    Song of the day   

Jana Jagruta Navabharata Mahodayam

జన జాగృత నవభారత మహోదయం ఈ కనులతోనే కాంచుదాం ఈ జీవితమున సాధించుదాం ||జన|| ప్రతి హృది లో దేశ భక్తి ...

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