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Sivude taanai Sivuni koluchunatu

శివుడే తానై శివుని కొలుచునటు రాష్ట్ర దేవతారాధనము క్షణికమైన మన వ్యక్...

Gunde Ninda Dyaeyamunnadi

గుండె నిండా ధ్యేయమున్నది, భగవఝండా ఎగురుచున్నది || గుండె || సాధు...

Taruna Kantula Jimme

తరుణకాంతులు జిమ్మె అరుణ కేతనము గురువు మనకిదె త్యాగ గుణ నికేతనం ||...
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If a person is loose in character and given to vices, he can be a source of danger to the nation as well. Our nation is surrounded by various other nations and it is a matter of history that no two nations are either permanently friendly or permanently hostile to each other. The relationships go on changing. Each country is guided by its own self-interest and does not hesitate to stoop to any tactics to achieve its ends. So they are all in a way 'potential enemies' to our country. It is all right that, while speaking and moving among others, we cherish sentiments of friendship, world peace and world fraternity and even strive for them. But the statesman, who guide the destinies of the country, must always keep in view this hard reality of the world which can be ignored only at our peril.

- Sri Guruji Golwalkar

    Song of the day   

Asetu Seeta nagamu

ఆ సేతు శీతనగము అంజలించె మాధవజీ అందుకొనుము శ్రధ్ధాంజలి మేరు ధీర గురూజీ అఖండ భరత ధాత్రి కొరకు అహరహ ...

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